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AMAzing After School Enrichment Programs

Our After School Enrichment Program keeps learning fun while promoting creativity and confidence. Your child will receive a snack, homework help, personalized tutoring, and break out into their respective enrichment program group for the day. In these groups your child can participate in our Arts & Crafts Program, Performing Arts Program, STEM Program, Creative Writing, or our Reading Program. Our After School Programs are also offered on non-school days, and during all school breaks.


Free Transportation provided within 5 miles of our Center

Before School : Mondays - Fridays 6:00 am - School Drop-Off

After School : Mondays - Fridays School Dismissal - 6:00 pm

Registration Fee: $25

Weekly Fee - $70

5% Sibling Discounts

Our After School Program

Give us a call at (813)336-2458 or email us at to learn more about our After School Programs or click the link below to register your child today!.

Why Choose our After School Enrichment Program?

Hands-On Learning Approach

Students engage in experiments and projects. This helps them gain a deeper understanding and relate to the real world. This hands-on learning approach also helps improve critical thinking skills.

Safe & Fun Environment

Our After School Enrichment Program is structured to learn through play and creativity. All our staff are passionate about student safety, fun, and success. Our Facility is cleaned and sanitized every morning, several times throughout the day, and every evening.

Confidence & Creativity

Our After School Enrichment Program helps build confidence and foster creativity. Through our unique program approach, students become more confident in their learning abilities and are able to express themselves creatively.

Trained & Experienced Staff

Our program instructors are flexible and adapts to each student's style. They will learn your child's needs and build a relationship with your child and family. We also have several program instructors specializing in working with students with dyslexia, autism and/or ADHD. Our program instructors are also trained and experienced tutors.

Lifelong Learning

Students in our After School Enrichment Program will also develop positive learning habits, social skills, leadership skills, stronger time management skills, and much more.

Improved Grades, Confidence & social skills

By attending our After School Enrichment Program, students will see an improvement in their academic performance, social skills, and self-confidence. 

Quality afterschool programs provide safe, engaging and fun learning experiences to help children and youth develop their social, emotional, physical, cultural and academic skills.

Debbie Stabenow

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