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Kindergarten Prep

This program is designed to help your toddler prepare for kindergarten.  We offer one on one and small group (2-4 toddlers) learning environments in our tutoring center, your nearest public library or online. Our kindergarten prep program is an excellent way for your toddler to learn and expand on the below skills which will prepare them for kindergarten: 

1. Early Math  2. Early Literacy  3. Problem-Solving  4. Emotional Development  5. Social Development  6. Creativity  7. Fine Motor   8. Listening and Communication 

Ready to schedule your child's learning session? Review our affordable rates and request to book a session by clicking the 'Book Now' link below.

Group Rate

$25 per 1 hour session

One-on-One Rate

$35 per 1 hour session

If you are ready to get your child started with our Kindergarten Prep Program today, complete our Educational Registration form here!

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