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Available Services

Arts & Crafts Club

Students are encouraged to express themselves by creating different arts & crafts based on monthly themes. This program is open to ages 6-14.

Performing Arts Program:

Dance and Drama

This program not only allows students to learn drama and dance but also teaches them how to build confidence through developing creative thinking, public speaking, leadership, problem solving and collaboration skills.

Youth Financial Literacy & Young Entrepreneurs Program

This program builds the foundation for personal and business finance, as well as entrepreneurial knowledge. As your child progresses throughout the program, they will build their financial literacy. 

Book Club

Our Youth Book Club is for PK-5th grade students. Students are placed in small groups of 4 - 5 students based on reading level and interests.  There are virtual and in-person groups available. 

Tutoring & Homeschool Assistance

We offer tutoring in all subjects for grades K-12 and College Exam Preparation. Our tutors are passionate about each student's success and teach study techniques, organization skills, and  independent learning and thinking.

Youth Mentor Program: AYSS

Students in 8th grade or entering their first year of high school are encouraged to check out this program that is centered around ensuring student success in high school and preparation for success in college and adulthood.

Creative Writing Club

Students will learn how to write short stories, poetry and scripts, with an opportunity to publish their stories. This program is open to ages 6-14 

Enrichment Camps

When school is out, we got you covered! Our school break  camps offer a variety of fun activities such as indoor and outdoor games, STEM based activities, arts & crafts and field trips. 

In-Person & Virtual Programs in Dance, Drama, Creative Writing, Reading, Financial Literacy, Tutoring, Camps & More!


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