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AMAzing Youth Success Stars (AYSS)

This program is for students in 8th grade or entering their first year of high school with a focus to ensure student success in high school and preparation for success in college and adulthood. Students must enter the program in 8th or 9th grade and remain in the program for the duration of high school.  AYSS is broken into 4 different segments:

  • Level 1: Students will strengthen their foundational academic skills in math, science, literacy, civics etc. through weekly private and small group tutoring sessions. Students will also learn time management skills, organization and note taking skills, and productive studying techniques. This is typically done during the students' 8th through 10th grade year.

  • Level 2: Students receive rigorous SAT & ACT preparation through weekly private and small group tutoring sessions. This typically begins the summer following the students' 10th grade year.

  • Level 3: Students complete a financial literacy program. 

  • Level 4: Students are guided through the college application and scholarship process or the trade school process. Students will receive assistance with writing college essays, one-on-one admissions interview preparation, mentor guidance through the application process, and more.

Students in this program will receive mentorship, social skills learning, and much more!

Rates: Lvl 1 - $200/mthly     Lvl 2: $260/Mthly   Lvl 3: $50/Mthly     Lvl 4: FREE
*Rates for this program will be tiered and change throughout the duration of the program. 

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