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AMAzing Youth Learning Academy (AYLA)
Micro school

What is a micro school?

A micro school is small learning environment. It is the reinvention of the one-room schoolhouse. Micro schools have class sizes that are much smaller than traditional schools with mixed-aged grouping. Micro Schools may be operated independently, in public, private, or charter schools. Learn more about micro schooling in Florida by visiting

About our School

AMAzing Youth Learning Academy is a Private Micro School based in Tampa, Florida. We provide a non-traditional learning environment focusing on developing our scholars' abilities and interests to prepare them for the real world. We provide a hands-on, individualized curriculum that allows our scholars to thrive and reach their full potential. With a small teacher-to-scholar ratio, your child will benefit from a tailored approach to education that ensures they receive the attention and support they need to succeed.

Scholars are placed in carefully selected groups of mixed ages. In these groups, they will participate in hands-on learning projects and discussions. Scholars will also receive phonics instruction in reading groups. Scholars will work at their own pace for core subjects such as ELA, math, science, and social science. They will engage in daily one-on-one time with a learning coach to guide and facilitate learning in a nurturing and safe environment.

Our Philosophy

We believe our scholars are leaders of their own learning. We provide an environment where scholars can learn in their own unique way and at their own pace. Our approach is to affirm students in their abilities through love, patience, and persistence to create an environment where scholars feel comfortable and confident in their ability to learn.

School Schedule

Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 4:20pm
Early Drop off/Breakfast 6:15am - 6:45am
School Begins 7:00am
School Dismissal 4:20pm

Friday 7:00am - 1:30pm
Early Drop off/Breakfast 6:15am - 6:45am
School Begins 7:00am
School Dismissal 1:30pm

Fridays are half days. Scholars will spend the morning catching up on work or receiving extra one-on-one coaching. Friday afternoons are for Fun Fridays and Field Trips.

Why Choose our School?

Hands-On Learning Approach

Scholars engage in experiments and projects. This helps them gain a deeper understanding and relate to the real world. This hands-on learning approach also helps improve critical thinking skills.

Confidence & Creativity

Our learning coaches lead with love and affirmations. This helps build confidence and foster creativity. Through our unique program approach, scholars become more confident in their learning abilities and are able to express themselves creatively.

Lifelong Learning

Our Scholars will develop positive learning habits, social skills, leadership skills, stronger time management skills, and much more.

We are now accepting students to the wait list for the 2024 - 2025 school year.

Complete our interest form here to learn more about our Micro School.

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